Thursday, July 2, 2009

Makeover Home Revealed - ErieTube Video - Erie, PA's Video Web site

A great video that shows the BIG reveal and the photos of the transformation from start to finish.

Makeover Home Revealed - ErieTube Video - Erie, PA's Video Web site

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Today is the Day!

Finally! After 106 hours, over 200 daily volunteers, infinite amounts of Roaster's Cup coffee and Country Fair spring water, Clara Ward's house is finally ready to be returned to her today. Only it won't be her old house, but an immaculate new house for her to start her new life with a renewed hope for her mission.

The rain today will not stop the presentation to Ms. Ward and her family, who have been resting comfortable in Disney World Orlando for a much-needed vacation. The presentation of the keys to Ms. Ward is scheduled to occur between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. today. I hope Ty brings an umbrella!

Country Fair is flattreed to have been asked to be participant in what will surely be oen of the most positive events to happen in our community in a very long time. A time where this community could really use some hope.

I have posted a few more photos on our Flickr Web site. Check it out for some of the newest pictures of the brand new house and some of the work that has been done to neighboring houses.
Check them out at:

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The End is Near...

What a difference a few days makes! Clara Ward's house was just demolished on Saturday and just a few short days later a miraculous transformation has taken place on the site where an old house once stood.

Not only are the volunteers and Maleno Construction crew building Ms. Ward's house, they are also landscaping the surrounding neighbors' yards in efforts to transform the entire neighborhood! Workers continued to persevere through thunderstorms and flooding that took place in the Erie area yesterday. Nothing is going to stop them from finishing this house!

Today, plans are to decorate and move furniture into the home, then turn the keys over to producers for the BIG reveal tomorrow. You too, can be live at the new house to hear Ty Pennington shout "MOVE THAT BUS" tomorrow. An itinerary of events is posted below:


8 a.m.
Spectators are highly welcomed and encouraged all day today. If you want to get a good view and witness the famous “MOVE THAT BUS!” when the family arrives and the design team
welcomes them into their new home, you need to arrive early.

10 a.m.
Arrival time is encouraged for spectators who want to be part of “MOVE THE BUS!” Don’t forget your positive signs welcoming the family home. Please keep in mind that this day will be long period of standing, so please plan accordingly.

1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Join thousands of supporters as Ty Pennington and the design crew welcome the family home. MEDIA AND COMMUNITY ARE WELCOMED AND ENCOURAGED! Be on site to witness the now famous “MOVE THAT BUS!” when the family sees their new home for the first time!

PLEASE NOTE: Time is subject to change.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Photos from the Demolition

Good morning!

Several volunteers took photos to document the events from the weekend. The Country Fair event trailer led the caravan to the Extreme Makeover site to provide breakfast and lunch to the crew. Several of our vendors, along with Country Fair volunteers served the cast and crew from 6:30 a.m. until early afternoon.

These shots are just a few photos from the day. The remainder will be posted at:

Keep checking back for new photos and updates!

Ty drinking Country Fair spring water. :)

Paige Hemmis signing autographs.

The House is coming down!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Braveheart March a Success

Saturday morning, several of our employees and vendors volunteered to participate at our event trailer which was used to provide breakfast and lunch to the hungry crew at the Extreme Makeover home build. According to several participants, the collaboration between our employees and vendors was a success! Paul Rankin, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, gives a first-hand account of the events:

I was on the Extreme Makeover site this morning. Roaster's Choice and Country Fair water were the preferred beverages! All the stars and all the volunteers were carrying either Roaster's Cup coffee or Country Fair water. Special thanks to McCormick's John M., his wife and Tony, who were there working on the equipment. The Krispy Creme donuts were well stocked and everything was well represented, both in the worker and VIP tent areas. Our banners look great behind them.

The project appears to be several hours behind schedule, as one of the pre-cast foundation pieces fell off a truck on its way to Erie from Pittsburgh last night. There were innumerable volunteers working on other houses in the neighborhood, including working on yards, residing houses, and re-doing some of the interiors. It is a huge project!

I saw several of the Country Fair family including Joe S., his wife Sue, and their family with Gabriella and Alexis. Karen R. and Michelle, Brody and her mom were also there. The Maleno family and several of the production workers thanked me on behalf of Extreme Makeover and all the work that the Country Fair volunteers did yesterday manning our event wagon and support vehicles and for the great job that you did during the Bravehearts March. I understood that it had five takes and everybody was extremely hungry when it was over.

Tony from McCormick Coffee said that he introduced Guy to Mike Gallagher of Channel 24 and they were on the 11 pm news talking about the project. He said that it came out well with the Country Fair banner in the background. Again kudos to all who were involved. Sounds like you did a tremendous job and it was very appreciated! I've got a fair number of pictures from today, and I hope that we can get them all loaded on the website tomorrow.

Again, thanks to all.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Volunteers are Chosen!

Several of our employees have expressed interest in volunteering for the Extreme Makeover project, 80 to be exact, and listed below are the 15 names drawn randomly:

Karen Rizzone
Mike Jara
Jaramie Parrish
Tim Hawk
Judi Roberts
Judi Baginski
Kelly Blaney
Vickie Morse
Heather McKee
Michelle Ferrie
Stacy Kline
Lane Vecellio
Kelly Weiser
Deb Knapp
Jessica Philson

Our Director of Human Resources, Steve Seymour coordinated the volunteers. For those of you who were not chosen, we will keep your names and contact you if any more volunteers are needed for this tremendous project.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Before Photo


When the build is complete we will compare the before and after photos, I'm sure it will be an amazing transformation! For all of the details of the chosen family, see the post below.